Make Cakes Special & Decorate with Ribbon

Posted by Mr Ribbon 13/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

We all know that feeling when you have worked away in the kitchen for hours on end to make the perfect cake…but the presentation of it lets you down. Somehow, food that looks good tends to taste better as well. So here at Ribbon, we think that our satin ribbons and personalised ribbon is the perfect way to make your cakes, puddings and cupcakes look as good as they taste!


We have a selection of different styles of ribbon to choose from, and all in different colours as well! This means that whether you are making a classic lemon drizzle, a wintery carrot and walnut, or a naughty chocolaty delight – you can choose the perfect ribbon to wrap around your cake to make it look extra special!


If it is a loved one’s birthday coming up, personalised ribbon and wrapping could be the extra something that really shows someone how much you care about them. Whether it is a relative who needs to be reminded of how important they are to you, or colleagues and employees who should be congratulated on all their hard work – some special ribbon tied in a bow around a birthday cake will bring about some birthday spirit!


Baking a cake is a way to show the people around you how special they are to you. Whether it is a family members birthday, a dinner party with friends, or just a slice of cake with a pot of tea on a rainy afternoon with your best chum – sharing yummy food with the people closest to you should be cherished. So, why not decorate your delicious cake with some ribbon to make it that little bit more unique and special as a simple length of ribbon tied around your infamous homemade victoria sponge cake (that has taken years of practice to perfect!) could help make it look just as good as it tastes!