Getting Creative with Ribbon in 2016

Posted by Mr Ribbon 26/01/2016 0 Comment(s)

When it comes to the New Year it is always the same old resolutions that we hear every time, “I’m eating healthy” or “I’m going to exercise more”. They often only last a few weeks, and you’re either left with ‘food-guilt’ every time you eat a square of chocolate, or you end up completely broke because all your money has gone on gym memberships and new running trainers.

Between work and family duties, adults often don’t give themselves enough time to enjoy hobbies, and do things for themselves. Here at Ribbon we think that arts and crafts are a fantastic way of taking some time out of our busy daily schedules, doing something for ourselves, and getting creative!

From sewing to painting to textiles and customising clothes, there are so many different kinds of arts and crafts that you can get into – and at we have a range different styles of ribbon to match each and every one of these arts and crafts!

We have every colour of ribbon imaginable, and loads of fantastic styles, shapes and materials to choose from as well. This means that whether you are creating a fun new pattern to liven up some of your old clothes, or making a candle that you want to make extra pretty with a ribbon wrapped in a bow around it, we have the perfect ribbon for you!

Getting artistic is a fun, creative and a therapeutic way to spend some time outside of your busy schedule, and so rewarding as well. Whether you are creating something beautiful to display in your home, or making a present for a friend or family member, when things are homemade they are always all the more special. So greet 2016 by getting creative and artistic with our range of beautiful ribbons here from Ribbon!